The Voice Clinic

“The Training Company That Breathes Soul into Your Life”


Our Mission, Vision, Values and Objectives


The Voice Clinic’s mission is to provide excellent service and communication skills, within the training industry.



The Voice Clinic’s vision is to become the world’s greatest communication company.



The Voice Clinic’s Value System is constituted as follows:
● to go the extra mile;
● to respect and value others;
● to be enthusiastic and flexible;
● to communicate openly and professionally;
● to do it now!


The Voice Clinic’s training programmes are essential to every business.  The programmes provide essential tools to develop human resources in the social, commercial and industrial arenas.  The Voice Clinic is proactive in developing effective communication skills on a national basis.

The Voice Clinic aims at “freeing the natural voice,” therefore retaining the unique character of each and every voice, yet developing it in order to give individuals the opportunity of developing his/her leadership, public speaking and inter-personal skills.

The Voice Clinic strives to assist clients in developing a rich, resonant voice by releasing the natural sounds of the voice by finely-tuning the vocal instrument.  The basic focus is on correct breathing, relaxation and the elimination of tension; improved articulation, pitch, modulation and tone.  Once this has been achieved, there is the focus on developing skills of perception; resulting in more effective self selling, product selling, negotiation and public speaking abilities.

The Voice Clinic courses are designed to create an atmosphere of serenity in order to encourage relaxation and stress release, ensuring the maximum benefit is derived from each and every programme.


Our Approach to the Training

The Voice Clinic only employs the highest quality facilitators with local and international qualifications and many years experience in voice and communication skills training and psychology.

In order for all training to be aligned with the vision and values of our clients, individual assessments of your staff can be conducted to assist you in structuring a goal-directed and tailor-made training intervention for your employees. 

The Voice Clinic’s training techniques focus on achieving a synergy between the physiological and psychological aspects, which influence self-concept and behaviour.  The Voice Clinic fills an essential gap in the training encouraged by most organisations by focusing on soft-skill development and teaching delegates to communicate with confidence and professionalism, dynamism, assertiveness and personal empowerment.

All training is practical and experiential in design, enabling delegates to entrench the skills as they learn them.